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We have the experience, professionalism, and compassion you need.

Caring Hands Home-Care Agency LLC is committed to providing dedicated, skilled, and knowledgeable professionals for at-home care. We work closely with our client’s medical team to create an individualized and holistic plan of care.

Our goal is to help our clients and their families remain in control of their health and support needs wherever they are and wherever they call home. You can trust us to arrange and deliver professional care to help you or your loved one continue the usual routines of your daily life. We believe this peace of mind is priceless.


Our mission is to provide family members the peace of mind they deserve, knowing that their loved ones are in good hands and are being cared for like their own. We know it’s hard to leave your loved ones to strangers, but we want to change that concept. We want to bring trust back; we genuinely care, and that’s why we are in this business. 


Our vision is to be the most trusted and preferred provider in the communities we serve, known for our love and dedication to providing quality patient care.

We Are Transparent

Accurate and timely reporting of patient information and documentation

We Are Connected

Managed relationships with clients’ care circles—physicians, family, and friends

We Are Personal

Individualized health care plans delivered by compassionate professionals in the privacy of the home environment

What Our Clients Says